March 8 Guatamala - Central America II

The hotel shuttle picked us up at the airport and we made the short trip to the hotel without incident. We had reserved a room at the Hotel Barceló (formerly the Marriott, where we had stayed various times previously) reserved and it was better than expected. Very nice. We got a quick bite to eat in the hotel and took a siesta.

Elder Mota had been our main contact in planning our missionary soiree and he picked us up at the hotel about 5:30. The chapel was just a few minutes away. Over the next hour the families trickled in until we had 30+ missionaries and 35-40 kids. It was hard to get a good count since they never seemed to sit still. We had pizza and sodas delivered, I gave a slide show and talked for a short time, and the rest of the evening was spent talking and visiting. It was so good to see all of them. They all have careers and the most wonderful families (only three of which are pictured below - there were many more. However, there were many that we missed seeing and that was a shame. Like our U.S. group, they spread all over the map and it is becoming more and more difficult to gather them for reunions. Elder Barrios M1. brought his DJ equipment and most everyone aired it out on the dance floor.

The Little Boys of Guatemala Also Love
Their Technology

Dancing Up a Storm

Group Missionary Picture

Thanks Elders Mota and Franco, especially, (and any others who helped out) for making our stop in Guatemala so memorable 

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