Cruising the Fjords of Chile

The fjords of Chile go on forever and show few signs of the hand of man. I served in Chile 40 years ago as a missionary and was very excited about returning to Punta Arenas, where I spent six months with three other missionaries isolated and freezing on the Strait of Magellan.

We stopped first in Ushuaia, Argentina, the self-proclaimed "end of the world", then through the Beagle Channel, made famous by Charles Darwin, into the Strait, then stopped in PA. The Beagle contains some of the most awesome hanging glaciers you will see anywhere. Our day in Punta Arenas dawned warm and sunny. We even got to eat lunch in a restaurant I used to frequent every P-day with my companion. KR kissed the foot of the Ona Indian statue in the town square - a move that means she will return one day, or so the legend goes.

As we sailed north, we stopped in Chacabuco and then Puerto Montt, in the shadows of the volcanoes of the Lakes District. What a glorious few days reveling in the scenery of a country that I care about very much.

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