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On the Ship

We had been on the Sun Princess before and naturally were very familiar with the ins and outs of the ship. The safety drills are always a fun time. I believe KR is an "autumn", so orange fits her well. They had a raffle on the first afternoon - to get you to visit all the places they would separate you from your money I presume - and, naturally, since KR is always so optimistic, she went for it (despite the cynical whispering from the peanut gallery). Of course, she wins the grand prize and gets us about $200 of internet minutes. When will I learn. They had contacted us 5 days before the cruise and asked us if we would downgrade our room for $1500. Of course, we said yes (we are so cheap). Thinking we would end up next to the propeller in a closet, we were not sure what to expect. Actually, it was a very quiet room in a back hall, nearly twice the size of our former room (it was handicapped equipped). A very nice surprise. The cruise was off to a great start!

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LGH said...

Big Time Winner...hooray for you!