Buenos Aires

We spent a couple of rainy days in Buenos Aires, getting over the jet lag and seeing a little of this sprawling city of 13 million on the banks of the Rio Plata. I wish we could have spent more time here - some day perhaps. Such a short time, but one can get a feel. Some impressions - seductive, retains a feel of the past, whether by design or otherwise, good food, proud, still in shock from the economic upheavals of the past decade, worn, lots of loose dogs, and, of course, the ubiquitous tango. KR got to sing like Madonna in front of the Casa Rosada and we enjoyed a wonderful (in my opinion anyway) tango show in a venerable downtown theater. They say that the Argentine people are Italians who speak Spanish, dress like the French, and think they are Brits. Now I know what they mean.

One interesting experience to relate. We were walking between stops on a main street, but away from the flow of people. We felt something wet hit us - Brian got the worst, as you can see in the picture. Just then a guy walked up from behind us and indicated that it was "paloma" (dove) doo-doo. I didn't think so and was skeptical. It didn't smell and was uniformly gray - like very watered-down cement. He took Brian by the arm and tried to lead him a short distance away, where he said there was water and Brian could wash it off. KR and I mentioned that this guy is too friendly and to watch out for a pickpocket. Just a little too helpful. I think he got nervous and the next thing we know a taxi pulls up, he hops in, and is gone. We scratched our heads at the whole experience until later, when we heard another tourist lost his passport to the same ruse. The man had evidently sprayed the substance on us with a squirt gun or syringe. Clever!

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