Utah Sojourn

I have been trying to keep an annual 12-weeks in Utah (6 visits or so) schedule to help out with Mom & Dad, so we took advantage of a block of time in late September (17 until October 1) to head in that direction. KR flew to Boise and spent some quality time with Amy at Time Out For Women - then they drove together to Utah to hook up with me. I drove our car down alone, going to Springville first. It is hard to just sit around, so we decided to put in some garage shelves. What started as a small project turned into a full-scale garage redo (of course).

I am finding my time helping in Morgan as very fulfilling for me personally. A reversal of roles, to say the least. Pictures: 1) Dad was having trouble holding\sorting the cards to play Hearts, so we came up with the "cereal corral" - he could secretly organize his cards and play them one at a time, and 2) Mike White and I cleaning up and sorting everything in the garage while Dad gives us feedback on what to keep and what to toss.

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Amy D. said...

Please add that I am pregnant....that pic is not so flattering. And Livi needs the cereal corral. We played go fish and old maid the other night and she was having serious problems with her collection of cards. I'll have to show her this!