Big Bend Adventure

October is a much better time to visit the Gulf Coast than June. It was much cooler and less humid. We had a great time visiting Matt & Megan (October 11-24). We also drove 3600 miles in a rental car through four states (Texas is one big place). Check out some of the extraordinary things we saw on this trip south - from the white sands of New Mexico to the banks of the Arkansas River.

Images: 2) a highlight of the trip was a much-anticipated (by Mike) visit to Vicksburg - a bonus was the exhibit of the U.S.S. Cairo, a Union ironclad recovered from the silt of the Mississippi (an AWESOME sight), 3) Mike acting very presidential at the William Clinton Museum & Library, 4) KR Enjoying Some BBQ in Longview, Texas, 5) Matt & Eli, the apple of his eye, 6) we attended the Texas Renaissance Fair near Houston - Brady, Natalie & family came down and spent the day with us, 7) I need to find this costume for Halloween, 8) Brady & Ava at his Austin office, 9) KR on the porch of the LBJ Boyhood Home in Johnson City, Texas, 10) what is the Ft. Stockton, Texas High School mascot? I wonder..., 11) the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park, 12) the Rio Grande River in the Big Bend - Mexico on the left, U.S.A. on the right, 13) looking for the Marfa Lights in Marfa, Texas at dusk - still not sure what they look like, 14) KR posing at Ft. Davis National Historic Site in Ft. Davis, Texas, 15) White Sands, New Mexico, 16) I was posing for this picture and this alien baby rushed up and jumped into my arms at the last minute - weird, 17) Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico, 18) we ran into a major storm near Dallas, 19) Hermana Aguilera & family in Dallas, and 20) Elder Penate & family in Houston.


Amy D. said...

If you find that costume...we are coming for Halloween!!

TK said...

Dang, we just missed you guys! We've moved from Austin to the New Jersey suburbs just outside Philadelphia. We'd love to see you if you're ever in the area!

-(Elder) Todd Sierer