Computer Tips

Couple of interesting things I recently read that might be of some interest. The first is an article about one couple's strategy for data backup when they travel with a laptop. Having had some firsthand experience with data loss while traveling, I found it helpful. The second article concerns a recent program started by Costco for recycling your electronics. Handy resource. (Click on the jpeg - will enlarge for easier reading.)


Jonathan said...

By far the best backup program that I have *ever* found (and I've looked at over 50) is CrashPlan. They have a free version for personal use where you can setup a "peer network" and backup to your friends machines while they backup to you.

Further, you may want to start investigating what is known as "full-disk encryption" with something like TrueCrypt. Basically when your computer first turns on, but before it loads Windows, you have to provide a password. In this way if your laptop is ever stolen, the thief only gets the hardware--not your data.

So there you have the best of both worlds--automated backup (both onsite and off) as well as data protection.

LGH said...

Mike, thanks for these great tips...we will consider them.