Southern Extravaganza IX

We flew from Jacksonville to Houston to be with Matt, Megan and the kids for a few days (October 30-31, November 1-2). The plan was to just hang out for Halloween and visit with Elijah and Oliver. The flight was uneventful. Matt picked us up at the airport, as we were only going to a rent a car for our few-day jaunt to College Station and Austin.

We walked over to the playground near their house. Elijah rode his bike (like a madman) - that is why he is wearing a helmet. Oliver wore his jail break pants.

Oliver had changed quite a bit since we saw him last. His personality is starting to emerge - quite the character, with a very engaging smile.

Megan made us some nice Halloween-inspired treats. This one with apples slices and small marshmallows was particularly fun. Of course, I had to have my picture taken wearing one.

The kids were very excited about going out trick-or-treating. They had their costumes all ready to go. Aren't they cute? 

We so enjoy being with our kids and grandchildren. Oliver loves to lounge and watch all the action. Elijah likes to help in the kitchen. Matt and Megan put up some of their Christmas decorations while there were extra hands around to help.

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