Southern Extravaganza VIII

We attended services in Charleston and then did a quick tour of the city before heading south to Savannah, Georgia. The weather cleared as we drove along and we enjoyed a beautiful day. Sandy had raced north and left us behind. 

 Savannah is a beautiful city and it would have been nice to have had more hours to explore and sample the cuisine, but we were running out of time and frankly getting a little burned out. We did get the flavor, however. Maybe one day we can return and enjoy a few days there.

In the afternoon, on the barrier islands outside of Savannah, we visited Fort Pulaski National Monument. The setting, as you can see, is spectacular. This site also has a long history throughout various conflicts and remodels, including the Civil War. The Union captured the fort in 1862 employing rifled cannon on brick fortifications for the first time, rendering brick forts forever obsolete. This action closed down all shipping in and out of Savannah for the rest of the conflict, which was a major accomplishment. What a glorious day to make a visit! 

Our final stop of the trip was Fort Frederica National Monument on San Simons Island. There are many islands along the Georgia coast in this area. San Simons is one of the largest of the renowned Golden Isles. Today, it is a resort community, but at the time of Fort Frederica, it was the military headquarters for the early British Province of Georgia. It served as the southern buffer against Spanish incursion from Florida and several battles with the Spanish took place in the area. There are many evidences remaining of the settlement and the visitor center at the NM examines the history of the area. 

Crossing the Lanier Bridge near San Simons Island, we headed south to Jacksonville to complete the loop and catch our flight to Houston. What a road trip!

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