February 15-19 Kids in the House

It was great fun to have two of our family groups in town for the long weekend. They enjoy climbing on the rocks behind the house and looking for treasures. You have to keep an eye on Grant, however. If you turn your back on him, the next thing you see is him alone on a distant hilltop. We enjoyed good food, the sunshine, watching Max play, watching movies, playing Quiddler, swimming, hiking, attending church, and just being together.  

Olivia and Ethan were having so much fun, in fact, that we decided to haul them home on Tuesday the 19th. The Dovers went home with Grant and Logan on the 18th, and Olivia and Ethan stayed another day with us. We had some things to do up north, and left the next morning and did ANOTHER quick turnaround in one day, coming back via Delta (you know I have never found a road I didn't like). Alas, there is not much out in the desert!

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