February 12 and 14 Mardi Gras and Valentine's at Entrada

KR thought it would be a good idea to attend a few club activities to meet people. Our first was the Mardi Gras dinner party on the 12th and a Valentine's Day Party on the 14th. They were hosted by Entrada at the clubhouse.

For Mardi Gras, there were a few people we knew from church and some others that KR recognized from her exercise classes. Conclusions: 1) not really our crowd, 2) the food was good (buffet-style), especially the alligator filets (yes, alligator), and 3) the entertainment was interesting. The post-dinner festivities consisted of two parts: 1) a music\dance routine by the Entrada Exercise Ball Drum Corps. You figure it out, but it involved zumba steps, drum sticks, sequined outfits, and large rubber exercise balls (and very loud music with a rhythmic beat), and 2) a Vegas magician.

We were late in getting into the dining room for dinner and ended up without seats. So they had to set up another table and we sat with the magician and his girlfriend. Actually it was entertaining, as we got some in some good, quality conversation. Paul had an interesting story. His ancestors were Russian Jews that were headed west and ran out of money. They eventually settled on Bear Lake and Paul calls himself a Jewish Mormon (I am assuming some of them converted to Mormonism at some point). He also has a great magic act that slips over into more philosophical\intellectual tricks. I am not sure what he thought of the opening act.
At the Valentine's Party we sat with some of our friends from church - again, good food.

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