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Mike Turns 60 - Birthday Surprises

I have always jokingly teased KR that my birthdays pass without a whimper. I usually buy what I need or want, and so it is difficult to come up with something for me for my birthday. And we are usually out of town somewhere in May, so there is often a lack of other people to make up a party group. Turning 60 is a big milestone, and not necessarily a good one, so I was actually trying to not think about it. Kudos to KR - she managed to surprise me THREE TIMES.

We had scheduled a dinner at the Kokopelli Restaurant at Entrada on May 2nd and as we entered the seating area I noticed Marty Wright sitting at a table. I thought to myself, he must be here for a business occasion or something (I STILL did not see it coming). Then I noticed the Russell's, Knoblauch's, and Diane Ottosen sitting at the same table and it dawned on me KR had surprised me. We had a great time talking about old times and catching up. We finished the evening with root beer floats at the Gecko House.

After arriving in Springville on the May 4th, I awoke on the 5th to Matt and Jon entering the kitchen of Amy's house. KR had flown them in to attend Max's blessing and to otherwise hang out for my birthday. Ahhhh....what a nice surprise that was. We did several things together and then headed for dinner at P.F. Chang's for dinner. I was murmuring about driving to Salt Lake for dinner when there are all kinds of perfectly good restaurants in Utah County - but as we were sitting down, in walked Mom, Ric, Kim and Sharon. She had surprised me AGAIN. What a woman! All in all, a nice 60th.


Amy D. said...

It was a great weekend!!

Final Approach said...

Happy Birthday......