St. George 1

We spent part of February and March in St. George, our third consecutive winter there, and had another great time in a special place. The weather was fantastic, as usual, and we enjoyed good company, as usual, with Monte and Eunice renting the condo jointly with KR and I. The Home Show was a highlight like last year and we enjoyed touring some nice homes. Monte and I headed down to Vegas the first week of March to spent a few days with Jon at the WCC Basketball Tournament at the Orleans Hotel Arena. BYU played well but came up short again. I think they are going to be challenged in their new conference home. But the games, atmosphere, and nature of the opposing fans was certainly a breath of fresh air. We made a visit to the new Mob Museum and that is me in the electric chair. We finished various projects (mostly family history) that we had saved up for the trip, went to several movies, enjoyed eating out often, and loved the temple being close. KR kept up on current events by skyping with the grand kids.


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