What an exotic place! We entered Egypt on the Red Seat at Taba and then flew to Aswan to take our cruise down the Nile to Luxor. They use smaller ships on the Nile - they are shaped like an old Mississippi steamboat without the paddle wheels. Ours had around 120 people on it and was very nice.

1) Taba, 2-4)  as we went downstream, we visited various temples and tombs, as most of the best ones are close to the banks of the Nile, 5) the Colossi of Memnon, near the Valley of the Kings, 6) the shopping prices in Egypt were the most reasonable of the whole trip, 7) there actually are Whirling Dervishes - they are not just something we call our grandchildren, 8) and we got to see Cleopatra, 9) KR at the Karnak Temple, Luxor, 10) the spread on the Nile ship - you can see they starved us, 11) Cairo, the City of Minarets, 12) KR at the Alabaster Mosque, Cairo Citadel, 13) Pharoah Ramses the Ornery, 14-18) naturally we had to do all the tourist poses at the Pyramids - I told KR that to kiss at the Pyramids is good luck (I made that up), 19) our hotel lobby in Cairo - a very beautiful place, and 20) no, these are not Yoda disciples - the girls had to put these on to conceal their bare arms, etc. when we entered a mosque in Coptic Cairo.

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