KT & Max Spend Some Time in Wenatchee

One of Katie’s IVF medical procedures was scheduled in Portland a week after their move from Vancouver (WA) to Springville (UT), so she and Max came to stay with us in Wenatchee instead of making the trip to Utah and back. We all enjoyed the time together doing the simple things inherent in country life: 1) attending the Chelan County Fair, where Max experienced fair food, twirling rides and lots of smelly animals, 2) canning peaches, and 3) hanging out at the river throwing rocks and "battleship sticks" into the clear water. (Pictures: Painting Rocks, At the Fair, Haircut Time, Trying Out the Camp Headlamp, Harvesting Monte's Garden, Canning Peaches, Pancakes for Breakfast, Helping Grandpa in the Yard, Throwing Rocks into the Wenatchee River) 

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