On the Road II - Morgan & A Mission Call

After the baptism on June 1st, we drove up to Morgan to spend a couple of days with Mom. We drove over Emigration Canyon and into Morgan via the cemetery so we could see Dad's new headstone, which had been recently installed. Congrats to those that worked on it with Mom, it is perfect. I liked the detail on the plane and missionary name tags. Wow! 

We had been on pins and needles about our mission calls until leaving Wenatchee, then stressed even more over how we could get ahold of them while we were on the move. We so wanted to be able to open the hard copy and do the standard screaming and back thumping. But it was not to be, as there was no place to mail them once we left. So we arranged with the Missionary Department to hold our letters when they were typed up and done. We thought we had it pinned down to Monday June 3rd and could pick them up in Salt Lake City on our way from Morgan to St. George. Well......we were told to stop by the Church Office Building anytime in the morning and they would be waiting, but when we got there, KR went in for them while I waited in the car. She came out looking glum. They were not ready! We had to go to Plan B.
We arranged with our contact person to scan and email the letters to us Monday afternoon and then mail the hard copies to St. George. So we drove south eagerly waiting for the phone to ring. Between Nephi and Scipio, we got the call telling us our letters had been sent. We didn't open the attachments until our techy children hooked us up on a connected call so all could hear. We clicked on the attachments and read the letter to everyone while stopped at a freeway exit in the middle of nowhere. And we all screamed. Bogota Colombia North Mission, Perpetual Education Fund\Self-Reliance missionaries! We were thrilled!
I Accept

KR Accepts

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