Wenatchee Christmas 2012

Christmas is my favorite time of year. Christmas 2012 was a great time for the Anderton family. From the 10th of December until into the early days of January 2013, we enjoyed many great times together and created many enduring memories. And we have the pictures to prove it. Enjoy! Most of them speak for themselves. 
(Pictures in order, top to bottom: Emmett's Piano Recital, Reading Stories to Isaac & Eva, Ward Christmas Party, Mike Playing Santa at Ward Party, Grandpa Merrill's Birthday Party - Almost
Setting Jones on Fire, Emmett & Jones at Birthday Party, Eva at Birthday Party, Jones' Birthday Party - The Day Jones Stopped Liking Cake, Checking Out the Lights in Seattle, Mike & Max, Bonding Cousins, Katie Helping with Snow Removal, Christensens Helping with Dinner, Santa Delivers 1, Mike with Max, Santa Delivers 2, Santa Delivers 3, Santa Delivers 4, Santa Delivers 5, Isaac Has Had Enough Excitement, Cousins Enjoying a New Toy, Grandpa and Henry Puzzle Time, Snow Portrait, Max "Stickered", Championship Bingo, Amy Showing Off Her PG Belly On the Bingo Hookup, Pictionary - Everyone is Nice and Calm, Sledding Fun 1, Sledding Fun 2, Sledding Fun 3, Bath Time,  Max "Harry Potter" Christensen, Henry Conks Out on New Year's Eve, Emmett's New Year's Eve Cookies)









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