Quality Time With the Grandkids

Mark & Laurel had quite the scare with Jones in late January and into February. Laurel covered the details of the medical situation in her blog, so my intent is not to do that again, but to give a shout out to a Grandma that stepped in and did what she always does - what is necessary, and then some more. She is such a good woman. Needless to say, we got a lot of "up close and personal time" with Emmett, Eva, Isaac, and Henry. Other than pictures of them being cute, which is a given, we have Grandpa playing "Avoid the Snake" (another of his creative games) with Isaac, Henry constantly wondering where Jones was, and Henry's birthday cake. 


laurel said...

I'd like to add my shout out to your shout out. You both swooped in and saved us during one of the most challenging times in our family. We certainly couldn't have felt more blessed when you allowed BOTH Mark and I to be with Jones all that time. You guys are the best ever.

laurel said...
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